Product Review: The Gluten Free Bar (GFB)

A client of mine told me I had to check out a company started by one of her old co-workers, The Gluten Free Bar.  The company was started by two brothers with severe gluten intolerance who were determined to create a decent gluten-free bar. Here is their mission statement: 

Our mission is simple: Make the world's best gluten-free protein bars. To achieve this we have to make a great-tasting product and make it something people look forward to eating (we like to think of it as a tasty but nutritious reward on a regular day). We also have to make it good for you, so we use only the best, most simple of ingredients that make you feel good and give you clean energy to get you through your day.

I have had some recent digestive issues and started eating gluten free about 90% of the time a few months ago.  I haven't been diagnosed with an intolerance or allergy, but to be honest without gluten in my diet I feel much better on most days.  I was excited when checking out this product because of the tasty flavor options and the great balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat.  It's food products like this that I search for to carry with me on busy days, keep in my cubby at work, and I was thinking that this could make a great post training run food!  

Elliott, one of the founders sent me a package with all four flavors in it; peanut butter chocolate, oatmeal raisin, cranberry almond and peanut butter.  In addition to being gluten-free the bars are; wheat free, casein free, dairy free, all natural, vegan, low in sodium, cholesterol free, a good source of omega-3s, an excellent source of protein, NO additives, NO preservatives, and NO trans-fats.  Do I need to say more? 

I like that you can see the product through the packaging.

I like that you can see the product through the packaging.

I had a hard time deciding what flavor to try first and opted for the most dessert like one, the chocolate peanut butter! I now have tasted all four flavors and...

DELICIOUS. Great texture, super filling, flavorful and it tasted REAL!  Often times these types of bars taste "like peanut butter" but not these, you could really taste the peanuts and the cranberries.  Often times after eating a protein bar I am hungry again an hour later but not after these, I stayed full for a couple more hours!  I am excited to purchase a case or two of these to eat for breakfast, snack, travel (these will be great for travel), and for refueling post-workout.  Even if you aren't gluten free these bars are super tasty and nutritious!

*You can try out a sample pack including one bar of each flavor for only $10 and they include a $5 coupon off your next order.